The biggest group of resources stored in Cieszyn Library is the so-called former museum collection. It is made up of materials which in 1960 were singled out from the library located at the Museum in Cieszyn because they were deemed unsuited for this institution. This decision was made due to the great thematic variety of the museum library. When the City Museum was established in 1901, its library began to house books from private donators (it is especially worth mentioning Józef Buzek, the pre-war director of the Central Statistical Office in Warsaw) and from libraries founded by various institutions which had to be closed. Therefore, the books which made up the collection were varied and only occasionally touched upon the branches of knowledge that could be of interest to the Museum. The selected collection consists of several manuscript units, about 2,000 old prints, about 24,000 non-serial publications published after 1800 and several thousand journals. The collection includes the remnants of libraries established in Techniker Club, Albrechts Gymnasium, Teschener Kammer, Deutschen Leseverein Teschen, Volksbildungsverein Skotchau, Volksbücherei der Nordmark Teschen, Bibliothek des Zentral Instituts für Oberschlesische Landesforschung, Polish secondary schools in Cieszyn and Orlová, various courts from Cieszyn Silesia, the Museum of the Educational Society in Český Těšín, individual educational groups established by the Educational Society, community schools, and other institutions. There are both very valuable items and materials which do not really include important data or information, but nevertheless illustrate interesting historic phenomena. What belongs to the last group is for example a rich collection of Nazi and Stalinist propaganda literature. However, there are also many important 19th and 20th century publications devoted to history, law, statistics and pedagogy, as well as belles lettres. When it comes to numbers, the collection is dominated by publications in Polish and German.