The resources of Cieszyn Library are available to readers only in our general reading room and special reading rooms. We participate in the interlibrary loan programme, so to a limited extent it is possible to use items from our collection in the reading rooms of other, authorized libraries. Detailed information on using our collection can be found in “Terms and Conditions of Using the Resources of Cieszyn Library”.

 Our resources can be used free of charge. Our book collection is available to anybody who is at least 15 years of age and has a valid library card, as well as to institutions which participate in the interlibrary loan programme.

At readers’ requests, we make copies of materials from our collection, using the techniques which are at our disposal in a given moment. The costs of making copies is covered by the reader. It is not permitted to photocopy hand-written documents, prints published before 1950, newspapers and any materials which could be damaged during photocopying due to their state of preservation, format or binding. Only a librarian who is on duty in the reading room and who received a reader’s request is authorized to determine whether a given item may be photocopied.

 Library materials brought to Cieszyn Library through inter-lending are available in the General Reading Room. The cost of bringing and returning library materials shared as part of the interlibrary loan system has to be covered by the reader who ordered such materials.