In accordance with the Charter, there is one director in Cieszyn Library. The director is responsible for planning, coordinating and overseeing all the activities undertaken by Cieszyn Library and for representing it. The organizational structure of the institution was established by means of Order no. 1/94 of Director of Cieszyn Library of 31 January 1994. The Library is divided into five organizational units. Two of them, namely the Accounting and Financial Sections (1.0 full time equivalent / 1 person) and Administrative and Economic Section (2.0 FTE / 3 people) are responsible for organizational services, and the three remaining units perform professional bibliographic tasks. The Department of Gathering, Cataloguing and Sharing Collections (5.0 FTE / 5 people) is responsible for the gathering and accessibility of all types of books, as well as for carrying out inventories and cataloguing non-serial and serial publications from the 19th-21th century, microfilms and electronic documents. Its task is also to manage the general reading room and interlibrary loans. The Special Collections Department (3.0 FTE / 3 people) is responsible for inventory checking, cataloguing and ensuring availability of old prints, manuscripts, documents of social life, iconographic and cartographic materials. The tasks fulfilled by both departments are related to scientific information. The Department of Protection and Conservation (3.0 FTE / 3 people) takes care of the technical condition of our book collections. Scientific, publishing and promotional activities are directly coordinated by the Director of the Library, whereas individual tasks are carried out by specific departments or employees, depending on their professional knowledge. This division of competencies clearly assigns the responsibility for the basic goals of the Library to particular units or people and at the same time makes it possible to flexibly react to new challenges. It was adjusted to the conditions in which the Library had to operate at the beginning of its history. In total, 16 people (15.0 FTE) are employed in Cieszyn Library. There are 10 professional librarians (10.0 FTE), 4 administrative employees (4.0 FTE) and 2 maintenance staff (2.0 FTE).