In the post-war period, resources which now belong to Cieszyn Library were forgotten and left without proper care. It led to a significant deterioration in their state of preservation. They also fell out of standard scientific and cultural circulation. This situation naturally determined the main line of action of Cieszyn Library, which was founded in 1994. Its main goal has always been to protect and maintain materials which are part of its collection and those newly acquired, as well as to catalogue them and reintroduce them into scientific and cultural circulation. What is related to the latter task is our documentary activity, which aims at creating a comprehensive set of information tools for use in regional and bibliographic research.

At the same time, our Library is a multifunctional research and cultural institution which implements a variety of educational, promotional and scientific projects. We undertake bibliographic activities, publish new materials and organize exhibitions. We also participate in research projects and regional education projects. In all those spheres, we cooperate not only with scientific and cultural centres from Cieszyn, but also with institutions outside our region, including some that operate abroad.